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What types of tools and technologies are best suited for commons? What strengths and limitations do they have?

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Commoners generally develop, use, and maintain tools that are open, accessible and modifiable. This allows the technologies to be adapted to different production needs and contexts. By liberating people from the restrictive terms of use that businesses often impose, commoners have the freedom to innovate to meet their particular needs.

# Beispiele

- Wikipedia as an alternative to standard reference books - OpenStreetMap OpenStreetMap as an alternative to Google Maps - Gnu/Linux GNU/Linux as an alternative to MacOS or Windows - Permakultur Permaculture , agroecology/regenerative agriculture as alternatives to industrial agriculture Agricultural equipment made by Atelier Paysan as alternatives to Deere or CNH Industrial - Gnucash as an alternative to commercial accounting software. Vivihouse as an alternative to standard urban housing.