Privilege Community-Supported Infrastructures

What kinds of infrastructures are preferred?

Priviledge Community-Supported Infrastructures source

Community-supported or peer-to-peer infrastructures enable bottom-up provisioning in ways that infrastructures designed for corporate and state purposes generally do not. Distributed infrastructures make commoning at broader scales easier and enhance social security. They not only enable the production of things that the market or state may fail to provide (or provide in different ways), such infrastructures help prevent concentrations of power.

# Examples - instead of corporate telecommunications. - Big Blue Button BigBlueButton instead of Zoom videoconferencing. - Jitsi or Jami Jitsi [ instead of Skype for voice communications. - PeerTube PeerTube instead of YouTube fpr videos. - For irrigation infrastructure, there is a wide variety of commons-based systems around the world, including acequias in New Mexico (New Mexico Acequia Association) and Bisses Savièse , Suonen or the Wässermatten in Switzerland [ Bisses or, Suonen in Switzerland.