Explore Violations of Rules & Apply Graduated Sanctions

How are infringements addressed?

Explore Violations of Rules & Apply Graduated Sanctions source

If there are any violations of rules that lead to conflict, it may be necessary to impose sanctions. However, it is helpful to first reflect on the reasons why the rules were broken without meting out any predetermined punishment. This allows the group to address conflicts in a context-sensitive way. Graduated sanctions start out with minor penalties that may increase in severity if multiple offenses or other similar situations arise.

# Examples - In the self-governed supermarket Slope Food Coop in Brooklyn, NY, anyone who misses a work shift can only shop at the coop again once they have completed two additional shifts. - In the Zanjera irrigation communities in the Philippines, an audit of the trustworthiness of prospective members helps prevent violations in the first place and thus the need to impose sanctions. Anyone who does violate rules is initially suspended in part, and if there are other violations of rules, excluded from the commons. - Nonviolent communication can be used to help determine the possible reasons for rule violations.