Preserve Relationsships in Addressing Conflicts

How are conflicts addressed?

Preserve Relationsships in Addressing Conflicts source

It is important to create safe spaces for making conflicts visible and exploring their underlying causes. By taking an open and respectful attitude based in mutual care, relationships can be changed without damaging them even though severing ties may be an unavoidable outcome. Complaints work best if they are not directed at individuals, but at specific behaviors or ideas. Any criticism that is voiced should try to be constructive and express appreciation as well.

> The question is not if conflicts are dealt with, but how.

# Examples - In circle discussions of the Venezuelan cooperative network Cecosesola specific individual behavior may be openly criticized. This is often necessary to get to the core of problems, and may trigger emotional responses, but the choice of words remains respectful. After conflict situations a hug can reaffirm one's respect and support despite disagreements. - Systemic coaching and formal mediation can support a relationship-preserving resolution of conflicts.