Bring Diversity into Shared Purpose

How can different intentions and values be brought into alignment?

Bring Diversity into Shared Purpose source

Shared purpose and values are not a prerequisite for a functioning Commons. Indeed, individuals often have very different reasons and motivations for participating in a commons. True togetherness can only be established through patience and respect for the individuality of every participant. A commoning process becomes more resilient and smooth-running when diverse needs and opinions are actively taken into account. When they are, shared values emerge over time.

# Examples - Unitierra the “de-institutionalized university” in Oaxaca, Mexico, deliberately invites everyone to share their different motivations and everyday life experiences as a point of departure, instead of trying at the outset to unite people around a set shared goal. Uniterra calls this the “push out of everyday life and out of the past” approach. - A group of people using a federated wiki platform can make everyone’s different perspectives visible and yet shareable. This design structure helps people identify their differences and work towards a convergence of vision and purpose.