Give Equal Tribute to Work & (Care)Work

How are different tasks recognized and on what basis?

Give Equal Tribute to Work & (Care-)Work source

Taking care of your fellow human beings and shared wealth is an indispensable part of economic activity. Care and "productive" work deserve equal respect, recognition and reward, each independent of their market value or sales. In this context, payment is not the primary means of recognition. What is critical is that people have sufficient time to do what needs to be done, and that they themselves determine the type of recognition that makes their (care)work satisfying.

# Examples

- Timebanks, such as Stadin Aikapankki in Helsinki, value the time, needs and labor of all participants equally. One hour of work equals one hour of timebanking credit. - In the self-administered hospital managed by Cecosesola , everyone’s equal role in the organization is recognized by, among other things, everyone cleaning their own respective workplaces themselves. It is a concrete, necessary activity that everyone needs and that is performed by everyone.

# Related Patterns