How do we relate to nature?

Deepen Communication With Nature source

Commoners act in cooperation with nature and see themselves as her protectors. This helps them to transcend the idea that humans are somehow separate and distinct from the non-human realm. Structuring life around natural rhythms such as seasons also helps deepen one’s connections with nature.

# Examples - Following the design principles of permaculture, agroecology, and Slow Food help us re-engage with the more-than-human realm. - Wilderness training: Humans experience an emotional connection to nature in order to survive and see themselves as part of it. - Biospheres and conservation (construed as protecting wilderness) are often seen as preserves for nonhuman life, in effect denying any legitimate role for humans as collaborators working with the more-than-human world. When Botswana government took over the administration of the country’s parks, it excluded The San, who had lived there for generations. San protests of this arrangement led to the development of the 2007 UNESCO program Man and the Biosphere.