Contribute Freely

How do the necessary material and intangible contributions like know-how and creativity come together?

Contribute Freely source

Contributing freely means giving without the expectation that you will get an equivalent return, at least not right then and there.

Contributions to a commons can be a joy or a necessity, but most often both. Work is usually done voluntarily or by collective agreement, but in any case it is a person’s freely given contribution, not a transaction. It is also important to internalize the idea that not all commoners can or must contribute the same amount. By making people’s varying ability to contribute transparent, a sense of fairness in situations of mutuality can be established.

# Examples - The classic idea of volunteer work, such as a voluntary fire brigade. - Individual material contributions such as bringing food to a communal picnic or giving seeds to a community garden. - Sharing knowledge and skills such as repairing bikes, laying tiles, or editing Wikipedia entries. - Care work and mental tasks, such as organizing a meeting, and maintaining online systems.