About Activity Configuration

The Activity plugin markup controls what and how changes found in the neighborhood are displayed.

Add an Activity plugin to a page by shift-dragging one of the samples from About Activity Plugin.

Double-click the new plugin to edit its markup. Some samples have empty markup but cannot be saved this way because saving empty markup signals deletion.

# Markup

Any number of configuration commands can be entered one per line with the all-caps keyword left justified.

__SINCE__ 8 hours __SINCE__ 5 days __SINCE__ 3 weeks __SINCE__ monday

Limit to pages changed since a day or period.


Include pages from the neighborhood, default yes.

__TWINS__ 3

Ignore pages with fewer than a number of twins.

__SORT__ date __SORT__ titles

Sort pages by most recent change, default, or by title.

__SEARCH__ text

Include pages found by searching the neighborhood.

__ROSTER__ all __ROSTER__ category

Include pages found in all neighborhood sites also listed in Rosters, or also those with a Roster category. Examine all Rosters above and to the left in the lineup.

__MINE__ yes __MINE__ no __MINE__ exclude __MINE__ only

Include pages from this origin, yes, default, or no.

Exclude twin pages already in this origin, or include only pages this origin and their twins.


Add conversation and/or narrative links to each list of pages. Conversation links (») add all neighborhood twins to the lineup. Narrative links (※) open an application that graphs the progression of edits for each twin in the neighborhood.

Many of these configuration options support specific workflows often in cooperation with plugins on the same or other pages. See About Roster Plugin.